The thing about coconut is either you like it or you don’t, there is no midway so to speak. I really like coconut in many forms but not all – Thai & Indonesian curries are my absolute favorite. Since Pondicherry is tropical, coconut is available here in abundance. In the brutal heat of summers there is nothing better than a tender coconut.

This cake is super moist and delicate in flavor. The cake gets a lot of texture from the grated coconut (fresh) that I mixed inside the batter as well as sprinkled on the surface. The batter also gets a lot of rich flavor from the coconut milk. As a variation you could also mix in some fruit in the batter, like strawberries or raspberries.

The icing  for this cake is more like a custard – a mixture of ricotta cheese, coconut milk, sugar and one egg. I warmed up…

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