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My blog topic today came about whilst standing at the bus stop (as a lot of my posts do…). Rich kids. Private school children, whose parents pay outstanding sums of money for a top notch education. This post is about three young private school boys, and the conversation I overheard them having.

DISCLAIMER: This is not casting judgement on every privately educated child whatsoever. Just how these three boys may fit into a certain stereotype.

So these three boys, no older than.. twelve I’d say, are dropped off in two Range Rovers, before making their way over to the bus shelter I was standing by. I couldn’t really care less about their chatting, as when I’ve heard before, it’s usually been about ‘Pinch, punch, first of the month’, ‘yellow car, you get a punch’ or something similarly violent. But this time, they were talking about something a bit more interesting…

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