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I Suck at GirlsAh, the first read of a squeaky-new year — and my very first digital read. Justin Halpern’s I Suck At Girls has two awesome distinctions in the wide world of Meg’s reading — and, you know, it was really funny. And secondhand embarrassing. And funny.

Halpern’s true-life account of his attempts at wooing the ladies is laced with humor and heartbreak. A quasi-follow-up to the bestselling Sh*t My Dad Says, Halpern’s story of his path to lasting romance is a quick, relatable read for both sexes. You don’t have to be a dude to appreciate the awkward fumbling of a teen asking his/her crush to the prom — and the terrible expectations that follow.

As you’d expect, though, Halpern’s caustic father totally steals the show. Sam Halpern manages to be both profane and profound, and his wisdom about Justin’s endlessly stunted love life is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Seriously, how could…

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